Summer Musings 2012

Before the summer began I had great plans of all the sewing I was going to complete. Did that happen, you may ask?   NOPE!  I did do some sewing but not a great deal, had some wonderful thoughts of creations that are still waiting to be made.  I am going to make a few more summer things before it is all said and done, but really I am ready to do the fabric shuffle thing...put away spring and summer and move on to fall and winter. I do this dance each year and I still never tire of it. I believe one would call me a true sewist. I absolutely love my fabrics and each year that I do this dance I am so full of joy when I pull out the seasons fabrics and see things I had forgotten about and it is almost like Christmas....I get so excited and my sewing mojo is revived and I start with a bang but fizzle shortly thereafter.  I am going to try to develop me a plan or a SWAP as it better known.  Hopefully I will be able to stick to it as my goal is to increase my wardrobe with only me made things.  I have not purchased very many things this summer and have been wearing something made by me almost daily.  Very proud of that fact for at one time in my life I wore nothing but what was made by me.  I aim to get back to that point because the fit is better and I get just what I want.

So my question to you is..What is your fabric ritual each season?  Do you leave all of your fabric out all year long or do the fabric shuffle?

As always, Happy Sewing!


  1. I do not have a fabric ritual, but recently thought about moving all my fabric to one location. Right now my fabric is scattered, some in my sewing room, some in a downstairs closet and some in a basement room. Find that I am often doing the fabric shuffle since my fabric is


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