Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Vacation

I am currently on vacation and completing homework for one last class.  The sewing will begin as soon as the last paper is submitted.  Looking forward to this time off.  Me and my sewing machine(s) together again for a couple of days...Wow, I can hardly wait. 

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas.  I am excited to celebrate the birthday of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  This season is all about Him.

As always, Happy Sewing! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Little Sewing

I have been busy doing many things and the month is flying by.  Still have two more weeks of school and then a break.  Trying to make sure all of my work is done.  Have a few sewing projects for family that I want to complete before Christmas and then I have some for me.  I will sacrifice this time for my family because they mean so very much to me. I am blessed to have such caring children that shower me with love continually.

As always, Happy Sewing.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Finished UFO

I have finished McCalls 5536, size 14, in a gray knit fabric.  This pattern had been cut out for quite a while and needed completion. I completed version C and E.  I was drawn to the knotted front of the tunic. I am happy with the results and the pattern was easy to sew. I may make it again.

Also completed at this time is New Look pattern 6831, View D. I made the sleeves long with cuffs. I really like the fabric.  It is Joann's speciality fabric, black and white, houndstooth pattern, 100% poly. This blouse came out so nice, it has a real rich look and I love it.  I had to tweak the pattern and I will probably not use it again.  I do have another pattern that is similiar that is Vogue.  I will make that pattern out of some additional fabric I have in my stash.   I realized the other day that I had cut out a lot of items out of gray fabrics.  I obviously was on a gray kick at that time. Great color to pair with red and blue.  I have those colors in my stash as well.

Looking forward to this Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, hope to complete some additional wardrobe items.  Thinking about making a couple pair of pants and a of course a dress.
As always, Happy Sewing.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Holidays

The holidays are upon us and I love this time of year.  Unfortunately I will be spending the time at home alone.  Wanted to mosy on done to Atlanta but I have to work the day after Thanksgiving so that won't work. Thinking about running up to Maryland and visiting the youngest daughter the Friday after Thanksgiving once I'm done with work....that may happen as it is closer and I can drive.

I really have my sewing mojo back.  I finished my coat and wore it today and received so many compliments. I am so excited to make another one...This may just be my season of coats.  At any rate I am enjoying sewing for myself.  My oldest daughter reminded me I need to make her somethings and my youngest daughter did so as well.  They are really trying to capitalize on this sudden fever that has come upon me.  I have finished two UFO's as well.  I have made a deal with myself to complete a UFO as well as a more recent item.  That way I am bound to double the size of my wardrobe without to much anxiety. 

I will place the picture of the completed coat sometime soon.  My camera is a little wacky and needs a new battery.  I must add that to my list of things that need to be done.

Well everyone, Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your families.

As always, Happy Sewing!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I made the mistake of looking for something in my sewing room the other day and discovered so many UFOs. There was a time in my life...(please come back) when anything I cut out I made...Then I went through a time when I cut out a great deal with the hopes of sewing non stop, that happened for a while but somewhere down the line I dropped the ball.  Now I have about ten or twelve cut out items that have not been completed.  Then there are the ones that have been started but not completed.  I located a number of those as well.  The pattern below was started a while ago.  View B is made from a light grey stretch cotton. It needs the buttonholes and buttons and I have so many buttons to choose from that that will be another problem in and of itself.  I endeavor to complete this item on this week.

Then there are some fabrics that I really want to cut out but I am opting to wait until I have completed the items that are very near completion, hems, buttonholes, etc.  I am in such a mood to sew until I just want to sew up everything.  But, I still have other things that are time sensitive that must be included as well.  I suppose this is a good problem to have, its better than not having anything to do at all.

I am sort of enjoying this blog thing.  It is helping me with my sewing and actually prompting me to get things done so that I can devote more time to sewing.  Also the fact that I want some new items in my closet and the things I have looked at in the stores are ridiculously priced.  I feel that I can have just what I want by making it myself and it will fit perfectly.  These are the times that I am so grateful for this wonderful gift God has given me. 
Another goal is to try and post more often. We will see on that one.  My homework is calling my name loud and clear.  So as always, Happy Sewing.  Have a wonderful work week.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My New Coat

Finally getting some sewing done. I am in the process of completing a coat I started on Sunday 10/30/11. Would have completed it if it were not for homework which is taking up so much of my life right now. Not complaining, just explaining. It is made out of a wool, tweed-boucle combination.  My daughter had purchased this fabric years ago thinking she was going to get me to make her something.  She finally gave it to me and I am happy about it seeing as I live in the northeast where it snows for real and she lives in the south where they get flukes of cold weather.  I could not get my scanner to work to scan the pattern, but it is Butterick  5685, View C. 

Hope to post the finished version soon.  I only need to put the lining, buttonholes and hem in.
As always, Happy Sewing.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Must haves for Fall

I was finally able to sneak in a little sewing over the weekend. I made the McCalls jacket pattern 6408, view B.  The fabric choice from my stash is a grey light weight wool knit.  I must say I love the way it came out and it looks exactly like the pattern. I only changed the back by adding a seam instead of using the fold of the fabric due to the sway of my back.

I wore it to church yesterday with a pair of dark jeans and a cowl neck pullover. I love the fit and the jacket was quite easy to make.  It took about 2 hours because I was doing other things while sewing but I'm sure if I sewed without interruptions it would take no more than 30 to 45 minutes as the pattern suggests.

By completing this one item I feel my desire to sew easing its way back. I have been so overwhelmed with the two classes I am taking plus working full time. Hopefully you will be seeing more of my sewing in the near future. As always, Happy Sewing.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Still Itching to do some Fall sewing

We are well on our way into Fall, although in Western New York we have been having some gorgeous Indian summer days.  I have yet to do some serious sewing.  Patterns and fabric have been chosen for the most part but I must carve out the time needed to sew.  It doesn't help that I keep looking at the magazines and ideas are flooding my very being....

I on the other hand have been visiting a number of blogs and see that the sewists are real busy creating their fall wardrobes.  I am so jealous....I have a project for the next couple of days for someone else hopefully I will take some time for me.

I really can sew and hope to post some of my new wears "soon" 
As always, Happy Sewing!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finally doing some fall sewing!

I have completed my fabric shuffle.  Pulled out some wonderful wool knits, suitings and cottons with spandex for a couple of white blouses.  This is all just for starters. I have so many ideas running through my head for things to make and so little precious time to complete them.  Here are some patterns I have pulled out that I will tackle.

I really like the litte wrapped jackets, keeps me very warm on some cold fall and winter days here in western New York.

I am loving the color blocking that is going on with these two patterns below.  I usually wear more skirts and cardigans with boots during the fall and winter. I have the perfect knit fabrics for both of these dresses.  One is red and black checked and I am wanting some red in my wardrobe really bad. I don't know why because the color red is not usually on my radar.  Hope to post a picture of the finised product soon.

I like both of these blouse patterns and have the perfect fabric for both. Stay tuned for pictures.

As always, Happy Sewing!

Monday, September 12, 2011

What time is it? Time to Get busy!

Well all I am back safely, Thank God...Had a blast with my children. My youngest grandson was riot, he's almost 2 and thinks he can do everything on his own....My oldest granddaughter came over and gave me a wonderful birthday gift, she is so very sweet.....Birthdays make you realize how very important family is....

My girls and I visited some wonderful new boutiques in the Buckhead area of Atlanta....They were extremely nice, my girls kept saying "Mom you could make that"  That presents a problem as it usually is something for them and right now I really want to be selfish and only sew for myself...I am certain they will make sure something slips in for them.

This weekend I promise to pull out the fall fabrics that are pressing heavily on my mind. I am still a little jet lagged considering I fell asleep around 2:00 AM Monday morning, got up around 6:45 and was at work by 7:45....I really wanted to put some inspiration pictures up on this post but that will have to wait until next time...I am slightly jaded right now and think I am going to call it a night.

Happy to have two followers

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Sewing Room

Today was cool and cloudy in the early morning...Rained in the afternoon and still raining.  I attempted to do some sewing but only cut out a couple pair of cigarette pants. 

I am posting a few pictures of my sewing room.  I still have quite a bit of fabric to put away and did not feel like it today. I was more interested in watching the US Open of which I am tremendous fan.  Once Serena Williams started to play I was too absorbed into tennis and could no longer focus on sewing.

September always ushers in quite a number of projects for me.  I went back to college a year ago and I have two classes beginning on 9/12/11.   I am looking forward to the classes but I have to figure out how to maximize my time with school and sewing as I have decided to go back to making everything in my wardrobe .

This is also my birthday month (09/09) and I am excited about my trip to Atlanta this week to spend time with my children, (their treat of course)  they are soooooo good to their momma...:)

Hope to post some of my additions to my fall wardrobe soon. 

As always, happy sewing.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall/Winter sewing

Looking through all of the September issues of my favorite fashion mags, InStyle, People Style Watch, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Essence...what to make? Hmmm!
Well, I want to make a nice three quarter length coat out of some grey pendelton wool I've had for a while, also three pair of slacks for work, preferably, black, navy and grey.  So many thoughts are in my head and I thought if I wrote them down that would help....not working. I thought I would spend this past weekend pulling out my fabrics and making a decision but that did not occur.  My weekend was a blurr.....This week I will make my list and then pull out the patterns and then decide on the fabric.  Hopefully by my next blog I will post a picture of something...until then....Happy Sewing...

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Blog

This is my very first blog, exciting.  Like everyone else this has been a wonderful summer. The fall happens to be my most favorite time of the year.  I am currently rearranging the fabrics in my sewing room. Moving out the spring and summer fabrics and bringing in the fall and winter fabrics.  I have so much fabric in my stash.....I could make one item a day for 365 days and still have fabric...I am trying to avoid purchasing more fabric..but that is not that easy.... With that being stated....Happy sewing to all..

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