Monday, September 10, 2012


I have been a little overwhelmed with work and other things over the past month and have not posted very much.  Hopefully that will change soon. I celebrated by 56th birthday on yesterday....Happy Birthday to me!  It was a beautiful pre-fall day.  Went to church then to watch my granddaughter cheer at her team's football game (they lost).  The icing on the cake was Serena Williams winning her 4th US Open title.  I am a great Serena fan, just in case you have not noticed.  Also my Dallas Cowboys won their opener against the NY Giants so it has been a good sports weekend for me.  Took the day off from work to continue my birthday celebration, I plan on making a pair of pants for work and my three classes begin today as well....This is turning out to be a busy September...nevertheless, I look forward to the beginning of favorite season of all...Grateful for the 30 degree change in the temperature.....Make this a great week...

As always, happy sewing!


  1. Happy Birthday and Many Blessed More.

  2. Happy belated Birthday, September girl.
    Much love.

  3. Hi Necie,
    Happy Birthday and Happy Blogiversary! You are not along. I'm taking classes as well and have limited time to blog and sew. Thank you so much for stopping my blog.


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