Monday, October 8, 2012

Some Fall favorites

I have not posted in a while...been quite busy....Not sewing, unfortunately but hopefully soon.  I have been looking through all of the magazines and have been noticing some things. 

Suits are some of my favorite garments to make. They look sharp and pulled together without much effort. You can mix the pieces in order to stretch your wardrobe. So happy they are making a comeback, although some would say they never stop wearing them.

Loving the boxy coat trend as well.  The blue and camel coats are two of my favorites.  I have pulled out all of the outerwear fabrics in my stash and trying to decide which one to make first. I have this beautiful hunter green mix of wool and something else, not sure, but great for a coat.  I have a couple of Vogue patterns I am looking at and will decide tonight which one I want to make.
As always, Happy Sewing!

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