Happy Blogiversary To Me!

It is officially my one year blolgiversary.  I did not have that many posts as blogging takes some adjusting.  I had thoughts of quitting but remembered that I somewhat like doing it.  I have enjoyed reading other's blogs and follow quite a few on a regular basis (I check most daily) so I think I will keep plugging away at it.  I am going to make some changes, although I do not know entirely what they will be.  I have to purchase myself a new camera, that will be my number one goal and may change the look. I really don't know other than I will make some changes. 

Thankful for the 16 followers of my blog and your comments throughout my year.  Thank you to Sheila @CTK and Faye @Faye's Sewing Adventure for your positive comments. Looking forward to another year and hopefully many more posts.

Gotta get going and get ready for church.  As always, Happy Sewing!


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