Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Fourth Time is the Charm!

I have made V8825 four times now and I think I like this version the best.  I purchased the fabric from Fine Fabrics in Norcross, GA in April of this year and knew I wanted to make a dress.  It is an ITY knit and feels so soft against my skin and fits so well.  I shortened the sleeves because I want to wear it now while it is warm.

I have been busy purchasing alot of sewing related items  online. The dressform was purchased from WAWAK.com and I absolutely love their service.  I needed a new one for a while and did not feel like spending a ridiculous amount of money on one so I shopped around.  I got two for the price of one and I am very happy with them.  This one that my dress is on adjusts to my measurements and I am so happy with it.  The other one is sized to fit my oldest daughter and since she has been bugging me to make her some things and she lives in GA and I in NY I decided to buy it to make my life much easier with fitting her garments. I already have a couple that are sized to fit my youngest daughter who lives in MD and she too wants to make sure I deliver her some garments as well. I must say I do enjoy sewing for them as they are my biggest fans and they do a good job of taking good care of me when I visit them.

I like the back view of the dress as well. Will make sure I straighten the back ties when I wear the dress. Knits have a tendency to roll quite a bit as we all know but I still love the versatility of the fabric.

Well I am on to make another dress out of some lightweight linen purchased from JoAnn's.  As always, happy sewing.


  1. You go Nicie! Beautiful dress.

  2. Loooove your dress. You are inspiring me to pull out my wrap dress pattern.

  3. Thank you Sheila, I will certainly do my part in encouraging the sewing mojo.


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