Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Morning Ramblings

I like the sound of ramblings and have seen them on quite a few blogs.  I thought I might try them as well, they seem to help release the soul.  Here goes...

Lost my corporate job 02-28-14. The eye health care company I worked for was sold in August 2013 and they moved all of Finance to their headquarters in Bridgewater, NJ.

Home trying to decide what next.  My 3 grown children live in the states of GA and MD.  I'm considering moving in between them VA or NC....we'll see.  I am not sad just contemplating my next move with much prayer....

Have been sewing a little. Participated in a couple of fashion shows this year as well. 

Made a dress yesterday and one last week. Have decided I will make at least one garment each day to increase my mojo.

I am hooked on Scandal and watched last week with my mouth wide open..Sometimes I think that show is too much but I still love the writing.

I'm a sports fan so you know I have been watching March Madness.  Did not complete a bracket this year but wanted Syracuse, Duke and Wichita State to go further.  Now I am gravitating towards the Michigan teams since NC lost yesterday.  Who cares who really wins I just love the fierce competitive mode in which these young men play.  Also been watching tennis, you know I love me some Serena Williams...she seems a bit rusty...I hope she pulls out of her funk and gets going...I want her the win her 18th grand slam plus more....Glad Venus won a tournament this year as well, glad to see she is physically better...Would love for her to win another grand slam....I'll be watching.

I registered to attend the Mimi G blogger conference in Los Angeles this year in July.  I will make the most of my first visit to Cali.....My brother lives there and I am planning on spending a week with him then head for the conference....looking forward to that trip.

These are all the ramblings I have for this morning.  Hope to get some good pictures of the dresses I made and post them soon.

As always, Happy Sewing.


  1. Oh my so sorry about your job. Just remember for every door that closes, another one is open and waiting for you to enter.

    1. Thanks Sheila. I'm certain that all will work out.


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