Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Missing in Action

I feel as if I have been gone for sometime.  The Summer 2014 was quite busy for me. I completed a lot of First Moments.  I visited California for the first time and went to the US Open for the first time and both events were amazing.  I have been doing some sewing in between first moments.

I have started some fall sewing and have a number of items planned. It seems as though I am drawn to outerwear this year. I have purchased fabrics from Fabric.com and Moodfabrics.com, all relating to sweaters and coats.  I am absolutely loving the capes and coats that I have been seeing in the magazines and different websites I review.  Can't hardly wait for my fabric to arrive, some should be here today and later this week.

The picture that you are seeing was taken at a 50th birthday party for one of my dear friends. I have been having a love affair (for the lack of a better phrase) with the circle skirt.  I have made three for myself and one for my daughter.  Also taught another young lady how to make them.  The picture below is of my current circle skirt made out of a quilted faux leather purchased from JoAnn Fabrics.  I underlined the faux leather with a broadcloth because I did not want the quilted background of the faux leather to show. I must tell you I absolutely love this skirt, it is everything I had envisioned.  I wanted a simple but funky top to wear with the skirt and I pulled out McCall's pattern 6400 for the top. The fabric I chose was purchased from Michael Levine's in LA this summer.  It is a four way stretch knit fabric with a bunch of writing that is not really saying much, just artsy.  I was drawn to this fabric when I first saw it and purchased 4 yards, not knowing what I wanted to make. I used about 1 5/8 yardage for the top and a small amount of faux leather for the sleeves.

These two pieces have infused some life into my sewing mojo and you will be seeing more posts soon.  As Always, Happy Fall Sewing.

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