Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello Spring 2016

Hello Spring 2016 is what the calendar says but the temps in north where I am currently say 23 degrees and it is cold.  Nevertheless it is still a wonderful day.  I have been quite busy doing a little of this and that.  Blogging has certainly been on my mind but has been pushed to the bottom of the list of things to do.  Trying to get better but stuff happens on a regular basis that always interfere.

There has been a great deal of sewing going on, mostly for others as well as many alterations. I have been teaching a number of people how to sew which has been very interesting as well as a number of fashion shows at high schools and colleges. Those events were great fun.

A number of positive things transitionally have occurred and will occur in the next couple of months and I am excited for that.  Moving in April and looking forward to that. I have been living in this state for 34 years and am looking forward to the move as it is necessary and definitely time for a change. Change can be difficult but if handled correctly can do wonders for the soul.  I am excited for this next chapter in my life.

I think I posted a while back about my love of  African or Ankara prints as it called.  I have a few pics of items that have recently been made from these prints. I am still in love with the prints and will always incorporate them into my wardrobe some way.

 Love the way this jacket came out.  I wanted to mimic the topper look that seems to be popular this season. It came out the way I envisioned, had to match the pattern in the fabric but that was pretty simple.  Wish I had gotten a back view of the print as well.  The pants were also made from a pretty print and I was able to match them the way I saw them in my mind.  Very happy the way both translated into garments.

This last pic is of my youngest daughter who opted to do a selfie in her bathroom and not have someone take a better photo of her in the jacket and pants.  I do love the look on her and hopefully she will get her mom a better picture.  As always Happy Sewing, until next time.


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