Sunday, November 6, 2011


I made the mistake of looking for something in my sewing room the other day and discovered so many UFOs. There was a time in my life...(please come back) when anything I cut out I made...Then I went through a time when I cut out a great deal with the hopes of sewing non stop, that happened for a while but somewhere down the line I dropped the ball.  Now I have about ten or twelve cut out items that have not been completed.  Then there are the ones that have been started but not completed.  I located a number of those as well.  The pattern below was started a while ago.  View B is made from a light grey stretch cotton. It needs the buttonholes and buttons and I have so many buttons to choose from that that will be another problem in and of itself.  I endeavor to complete this item on this week.

Then there are some fabrics that I really want to cut out but I am opting to wait until I have completed the items that are very near completion, hems, buttonholes, etc.  I am in such a mood to sew until I just want to sew up everything.  But, I still have other things that are time sensitive that must be included as well.  I suppose this is a good problem to have, its better than not having anything to do at all.

I am sort of enjoying this blog thing.  It is helping me with my sewing and actually prompting me to get things done so that I can devote more time to sewing.  Also the fact that I want some new items in my closet and the things I have looked at in the stores are ridiculously priced.  I feel that I can have just what I want by making it myself and it will fit perfectly.  These are the times that I am so grateful for this wonderful gift God has given me. 
Another goal is to try and post more often. We will see on that one.  My homework is calling my name loud and clear.  So as always, Happy Sewing.  Have a wonderful work week.

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