Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seeing Dots

One of my dear friends needed(wanted) a new dress for an event she is attending.  She is one of two of my girlfriends that purchase fabric and patterns regularly and don't sew.  She does however know what she likes and I am glad about that fact.  The affair is titled "The Black and White Ball"  a yearly event she has attended.  Of course she needs something new to wear and I get the honor of making it for her.  I don't mind as she is a dear friend and very agreeable.  With all of that being said, she described what she wanted, I told her how many yards of fabric, underlining and lining as well as the length of the zipper and she went right out and purchased everything from Joann's.  I don't really know the content of the fabric but it was easy to sew but does not like anything over the nylon setting on the iron.  I burned the left side of the back and underlining fabric once and had to re-cut them...Glad I learned that fact early in the construction.  She described what she wanted and I came up with a pattern which I think came out quite well.
You guys can be the judge.
As always, happy sewing!

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  1. I think this dres is so beautiful. You've got skills! :) Tyna


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