Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Daughter's Dress

My youngest daughter came home over the weekend for her 10th year high school reunion.  Let me just say I can't believe she is 27 years old already and 10 years out of high school. I remember her first day of kindergarten and all of her many accomplishments.  I am extremely proud of her and her 2 siblings. I ran around so much but really did not spend much time with her, that is understandable as they had activities planned for the entire weekend.  I am so grateful to God that she made it safely as she had a minor accident on the thruway which could have been so much worse.  She was sideswiped by another vehicle attempting to move from the right to the left lane.  The woman did not signal and never saw my daughter in the left lane.  Everything turned out fine and there was minor damage to both vehicles but neither woman was injured.  Thank God! 

I made M6760 for my daughter.  She did not take a picture as I finished it early Sunday morning, 6/22, before going to church.  The fabric was purchased at Fine Fabrics earlier this year and I really love the print she choose.  I only purchased 3 yards as the knit fabric was 60 inches wide, the pattern called for 3 5/8 yardage. But of course when the fabric was purchase it was not for any particular pattern.  The lack of correct yardage called for by the pattern presented a problem widthwise.  I had to remove some of the width of the pattern when I laid it out, but I was able to make it work and the dress came out so pretty.  I am certain this pattern has been reviewed by many so I won't due to much of that but I will say that the sides of the dress gape a little to much at the armpits and you will have to wear a camisole if you don't adjust at cutting.  That was the only problem I came across.

The dress fits my daughter's 5'9 inch frame quite well. Will post a pic of her wearing it later.  She was very happy with the dress and I was happy that she was happy.  I do love sewing for both of my daughters from time to time. 

I have made a number of things for myself and will post again later this week.

As always, Happy Sewing.

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  1. Very nice dress. Love the colours! Thanks for tip about the armholes.


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