Monday, September 5, 2011

My Sewing Room

Today was cool and cloudy in the early morning...Rained in the afternoon and still raining.  I attempted to do some sewing but only cut out a couple pair of cigarette pants. 

I am posting a few pictures of my sewing room.  I still have quite a bit of fabric to put away and did not feel like it today. I was more interested in watching the US Open of which I am tremendous fan.  Once Serena Williams started to play I was too absorbed into tennis and could no longer focus on sewing.

September always ushers in quite a number of projects for me.  I went back to college a year ago and I have two classes beginning on 9/12/11.   I am looking forward to the classes but I have to figure out how to maximize my time with school and sewing as I have decided to go back to making everything in my wardrobe .

This is also my birthday month (09/09) and I am excited about my trip to Atlanta this week to spend time with my children, (their treat of course)  they are soooooo good to their momma...:)

Hope to post some of my additions to my fall wardrobe soon. 

As always, happy sewing.

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