Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer PJ's

It has been so hot and humid in Western NY, (I'm not complaining, just explaining) and I decided I needed some cool pj's.  I visited Marshall's and saw some I like but decided that because I have so much fabric currently in my stash, I needed to use it rather than spend my money on RTW.  I trotted my happy self home and pulled out this lightweight stripped knit and begin sewing.  I used McCall's 6658, the shorts and sleeveless tank views for my pj's.  I had some lingerie elastic in a an aqua blue that I used to trim the the armholes and neckline of the top and I also cut the top wider in the waist and hips in a sort of swing style.  I really love the way they came out. I only wish I had made the top a little more swing than I did, nevertheless, still like them a great deal.  I also made a kimono style robe of the same fabric using  OOP New Look 6312.

I really love it when an idea I had in my brain comes together so nicely.  This new addition should wear well on my upcoming trip to California.

As always, Happy Sewing.


  1. Very nice. I love the color--one of my summer favorites.

  2. Thank you Robin. I'm trying to stay cool.

  3. It is always soooooooooo nice to pop in.

  4. Why not lounge fabulously?! I adore it! ;D

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